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The study of cognitive neuroscience (neuroplasticity) began over 50 years ago with Nobel Prize-winning research that showed the effects of early life experiences on the structure of the brain. Research over the decades since has resulted in an ever-growing body of knowledge on this subject and in particular from research conducted at Yale University.


Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to dynamically grow, change, heal, and accomplish complex tasks. Behaviors and attitudes--either outwardly expressed or internally suppressed begin in the brain. The conscious cognitive actions and the subconscious knee-jerk occurrences are neurologically stimulated. In layman's terms, behavior and attitudes--good and bad, first germinate and commence actions mentally. Even in the cases where mental illness impairs judgment and a violent offense is committed, the vile act started mentally. Outside stimuli and social interactions play a key role relative to influence on behavior and attitude as well.


  How RTEW Builds Astuteness To Gain A Mental Edge


Cognitive NeuroScience simply put is brain function science--our mental capacity to process situations, patterns and predictable outcomes. Given today's culture of violence & terror and law enforcement's inability to be everywhere at any time to prevent tragic incidences, it is a huge advantage to be able to recognize situations and encounters BEFORE you become inescapably involved.

RTEW utilizes real-life situations with a character trait assessment in taking a confident Neuro approach to QUICKLY determine if the situation and/or encounter is in your best interest or outcome and if not, take the appropriate action to your liking and favor

Cognitive neuroscience
Cognitive Neuro Science Product Development



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 New Marketing Campaign To Bring Awareness and Options to Parents 

Climb Up Gear & Media has embarked on a social media blitz to help parents and kids. CUPGM products and content utilize NeuroCognitive methods to empower teens and tweens by sharpening  astuteness skills. 



Climb UP Gear & Media is in talks to provide its content to millions of households via a deal to produce the original television show, Juvenile Justice to air this fall.

"Judge Judy and the laughing audience meets your  out-of-control kid!" 


 Fall 2024



 Although the science and research of Cognitive Neuroscience support our product's effectiveness, it is our purposeful  intention to take a more subtle delivery and application approach as opposed to the clinical application regarding the   compassionate, supportive interactions for behavior modification and attitude adjustment.


 Hence, since 2006 we have been creating and developing the most adaptive, comprehensive and innovative Educational  Materials, Programs and Products based on Neuro-Cognitive Research such as conducted at Yale University Medical    School. Climb Up Gear & Media Products are innovative and unparalleled in their development. Our resource toolset  materials incorporate Cognitive Neuroscientific Behavior and Attitude Adjustment strategies to hone Executive  Function  Skillsets and develop Character & Confidence for in-school, youth group, institution and at-home applications.


 Our newest product toolset was designed to address the most complex issues and challenges of the 21st century: The   escalating incidences of violence, disrespectful brazen behavior and fears for safety. Parents and families need support   and at-home resources for raising wholesome, respectful, character-rich children and adults. When juxtaposing   neurocognitive research with cultural influence factors, the results were clear and conclusive--social media   interactions and entertainment activities are having a most destabilizing and catastrophic influence on culture and   behavior. It's not just a matter of medical or clinical cause and effect, behavior is now overwhelmingly influenced by   the ability to mimic observed (negative) behavior globally and instantaneously due to social and 24-hour media cycles.   Our mission is clear, CUP GM now offers our most adaptive products tool set in an application   that confronts/addresses the chief stimuli affecting youth, families and culture--the content of movies, music,  celebrity,   video games, television, social media and the internet.  


 "Revealing The Excellence Within: Using The 12 Cornerstone Neuro Traits To Identify {Change Or Avoid} Unwanted Situations And Become A Better You" is the appropriate responsive, adaptive, comprehensive, imperceptible delivery system   needed to  counteract such a multi-faceted, interconnected nemesis. Our NeuroCognitive infused products now must do   more than just  support the clinical cognitive causal effects on behavior and attitude, we have to include the social and     entertainment  factors as well in our applications. The effect and reach of cognitive neuroscience application has to   extend beyond the  person to now include family and social circle; we've gone the extra mile to also include cultural   and societal effects as  well. Climb Up Gear & Media believes that the research is clear and the time has come where   approaches and strategies must also  have the ability to affect households, families and circles of influence also. 


      DAYCARE  & YOUTH             Programs Effect

    The power of positive  reinforcement and reward       is indisputable. Leading  psychiatric neuroscientists  have conducted studies and  published results that support  the findings that perception        has a profound effect on            behavior and attitude.


 Climb Up Gear & Media, Inc.  believes that the interdictory  approach to neuro cognitive  assessment and treatment in  most cases takes an exclusive  clinical track. The need surely exists for a responsible out-of-   clinic application that can be  applied in limited but regular      access settings e.g. Youth       Programs, After-school and        Day Care programs etc. 


   By enabling an out-of-clinic Cognitive Neuroscience ability,   our products empower youth  facilities and programs to help  and assist parents by offering  neuro support with character,      confidence and Executve            Function Development.

Improving Bad Behavior
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