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 Climb Up Gear & Media (CUPGM) was initially founded in 2006 in  Chicago, Illinois as The CLIMB UP Program (CLassroom  IMproved Behavior Unleashes Progessive Potential). After  being elected to Chicago Public Schools' Local School Council,  Executive Director Michael Walker quickly recognized the  paradigm shift in public school operations and developed a  suite of  Student Support Services to offer to Elementary  Schools.  After 2 years, 11 elementary schools and 2 high  schools  (approximately 10K students) in CPS had received  these innovative, supportive and unique services. The City of Chicago utilizes our innovative Student Safety Program presently for it's 300,000 students. CLIMB UP  would go on to receive US Congress, IL Governor, Chicago  Mayor and County  Executive Awards and Commendations. The City Of Chicago utilizes CUPGM's SAFE PASSAGE Program today to keep it's over 300,000 students safe everyday!           When the Great Recession crippled the US and State/City  budgets in 2008, it became  apparent to CLIMB UP that taxpayer-based funding of  schools would not be sustainable for  operations and Climb Up Gear & Media, Inc. was formed.  


 Climb Up Gear & Media now offers Merchandise and Content  in Apparel, Television, Movies, Novelty Items, Educational  Materials, Music and Safety Provider/Law Enforcement  programs. We work with School Systems to create a culture 

 of cool by working with students and parents to enhance academic  performance & attendance and mitigate violent negative behavior in fun, captivating and dynamic ways.  CUPGM programs add no extra burden on teachers or staff.​



 Climb Up Gear & Media (CUPGM) developed its programs and product tool sets in  arguably the most challenging and diverse school system and city in America,  Chicago, IL. Supported and research validated by Nobel Laureates and studies  conducted by Yale University, CUPGM products and programs uniquely infuse  Cognitive Neuroscientific principles and benefits into the design and creation  process from the outset to deliver the next generation of tools to assist parents,  law enforcement, schools, youth programs and individuals to become more  confident, character-rich and positively enchanting in their behavior and attitude.


 Originating in the far southside communities of Roseland, West Pullman, Englewood  and Altgeld Gardens, the students and residents pushed the earlier concepts and  applications to heights unimagined. There was an unexpected need and demand for  complexity and scope in reaching the students and residents in these communities  with large percentages gripped by crime and poverty. There was an equal need to  reach the parents and other influential adults in the households and family structure.  Hence, our products have long been designed to have a holistic effect on the entire  circle of influence and interaction. There has always been an ancillary benefit by  design--having a positive affect on the community as well.


 CUPGM products and approaches are uniquely designed and developed to have  the flexibility and adaptability for schools, communities and households with  demographics across a wide spectrum. We are in constant development and  research so you can be assured our products are the Best Practice in leading the  emerging market for Cognitive Neuroscience products for the home and family.

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If You: have a passion for education and program development and have always been   a forward thinker with the gift of innovation and creativity, we might be interested in partnering with you. Call or submit a query .  


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