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Finally, Something Cool & Scientific Parents Can Do !!
Help Your Child Assess & Avoid Dangerous Situations
By Sharpening Their 12 Cornerstone Neuro Traits 

For Today's World
*  Astuteness Safety Tips
Responding To Encounters/Situations Appropriately
*   Executive Function Enhancement
Assessing, Multi-tasking. Responding - Quickly
*   Attitude For School & Learning 
Skills Development-Focused-Prepared to Learn
*   Family Relationships
Fun and Harmony in the household; Improved Communication
*  Cornerstone Character Trait Enrichment
The Modules Further Develop Astuteness & Behavior  

The 4 Culprits

Decoding The Clinical Cognitive NeuroScience  Lingo

The Executive Function Skills Are Divided Into 

8 Core Cognitive Capacities

                      (RTEW Sharpens These Skills To Hone Astuteness & Response)


1.) Sustained Attention Span - Can you stay focused until task completion 

2.) Working Memory - Can you recall what you just read, heard, did or saw

3.) Mental Processing Speed - How quickly do you "get it"

4.) Response Time - How long does it take you to "get it and get going"

5.) Cognitive Flexibility - Can you understand things as they change

6.) Pattern Recognition - What's "going to" or "most likely to" happen next

7.) Category Formation - Can you put things in proper context/place 

8.) Multiple Simultaneous Attention - Can you accurately multi-task


~ TV Programs & Movies, 

~ Internet Sites & Social Media,

~  Music Lyrics and

~  Video Games


 ~ Is your son or daughter not performing up to capabilities at home or      at school? 

 ~ Is it a constant battle to get them to do house chores and homework?

 ~ Do your children sass and talk back to you?

 ~ Is there little to no communication between you and your child?

 ~ Does your child lack confidence or initiative?

 ~ How do you get them to ditch the "friends" that are a bad influence?

 ~ Would you like a more harmonious, fun, happy, household where everyone is interacting and not in their rooms with the door shut, texting or playing video games or watching TV--or are they home? 


"Revealing The Excellence Within:

Using The 12 Cornerstone Neuro Traits To

Identify {Change Or Avoid} Unwanted Situations  

And Become A Better You !"


Enhances Their Ability To Accurately Assess Situations Or People And Turn This Into Their's how: (1st) We provide them with the RTEW  Companion Activities Book that is fun and wholesome  and cool and engaging and builds confidence plus  strengthens character. (2nd) They get immersed in doing  the activities and commenting on the scenarios that  showcase each of the 12 Cornerstone Character Traits.  (3rd) We fit into "their" lifestyle by utilizing the internet  and music and friends and family members and  classmates and neighbors--even grandma and grandpa  get in on this Neurocognitive Behavior and Attitude  Transformation! (4th) We Bring The Sizzle! We enlist the  influence and power of celebrity with over 70 music  legends to drive home and validate the coolness of the  confidence-building, character-strengthening traits. And  we're still not finished yet because we know we're only  getting this first time to make a lasting impression. We  enable them to receive the Certificate of Completion  Diploma to hang on the wall and add to their list of  personal achievements that mom and dad brag about for  years to come. And Finally, we've practically ensured  their success with this Cognitive Neuroscientific BAT  Approach by creating the Pacing Calendar to keep them  moving through the activities and exercises and listening to the character-rich music selected for each trait-module. 

 What's the end result? A metamorphosis takes place !!  They are the most motivated, respectful, insightful,  action-oriented, helpful, confident, considerate and  astute  kid or teen many will encounter or know. They will   display inner and outer excellence to the delight and   benefit of anyone who has the pleasure to know  or interact with them!  

Cognitive NeuroScience Products Are Fun FUN fun!
I Love My Family
Fathers at home
Father Son Quality Time
Happy Wife, Happy Family, Happy Life

  "They Put Down The Phones and Video Games--For a Few Hours,          And Now We're Back To Having Family Time and Fun Again;

            The music in the trait modules is sooo!"

A Note To Parents & Guardians:  New research shows that reading a book (not an ebook) is excellent for relieving stress by exercising and soothing the brain. Reading RTEW can reduce stress by as much as 68%! Exercising the brain is just as critical as exercising the body and eating healthy. Today, more than ever, parents need to provide mental exercise for their children. Because of the amount of time spent on video games and texting and television and entertainment in general, children aren't getting enough mental exercise. The Executive Function skillset is best and most effectively honed &  developed at home by you, the parent or guardian. Revealing The Excellence Within is specially designed to help sharpen those cognitive capacities & attributes. The good news is we deliver the cognitive exercise program in a fun, wholesome, discrete, engaging and rewarding way. Intentionally, we don't take a clinical  approach (like school psychologists and psychiatrists or private therapists do in assessments and  treatments.) We

believe parents and children should have a nurturing, subtle alternative approach that's based on love, understanding and sensitivity. RTEW provides the at-home resource tool you need to provide loving, out-of-clinic, compassionate mental exercise and astuteness training for your child and family.    

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