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So, Just Who Are These 4 Culprits ?

Who...What...Are the 4 Culprits?

They're the ultimate insidious harbingers of negative influence. They incite bad behavior and they've been working a classic, sinister inside job right in the security and privacy of our own homes. They've been happily invited in like Dracula and now we can't get rid of them. By themselves, the're actually very useful and can be entertaining and educational. Unfortunately, their use and application is where the problem lies. They're spreading violence and hatred and moral decline. They're glamorizing, appealing and profiting on the worst traits present in all of us.

Lest I digress, here's the deal.

There's a dire and critical need to help keep kids safe. I think most parents and caring adults would quickly and gladly do whatever they could to help, if there was something effective and innovative. I also believe that the most responsible culprits for influencing our children to behave badly are being allowed to operate right in the comfort and security of our own homes. The proverbial “Inside Job” is being executed to the horror and detriment and heartache of Americans in every city and neighborhood—regardless of socioeconomic status.

Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, Columbine, New Mexico, Chicago, San Bernardino, Orlando and communities all across America, these 4 Culprits showcase their heartless devastating effects.

We're doing/exploring all of the external “1A” things to address the aftermath reactions e.g. The Gun Control Debate, Stronger Background Checks, More Police, Armed Personnel in Schools, Mental Health Awareness etc. etc. and so forth. We need to shine more light—if not equal, on the primary “#1” villainous role of the 4 Culprits.

Who are these 4 Culprits and why are they able to operate with such invitation?

They're (1) Music Lyrics, (2) Video Gaming, (3) Internet & Social Media and (4) Television & Movie Content.

They're our entertainment and identity. They keep us company and babysit the kids. We dance and sing to them. They soothe us and make us happy. They add sound and texture to our homes. What would life be without them? No way are we giving them up! They surely do much more good than harm. But they're also calculated to be addictive and appealing; they're profit driven and they're now inextricably interwoven into our lives and industries.

But, anything unchecked and unbalanced has the potential and propensity to go awry and become destructive. These 4 Culprits have crossed the line and now are having a most devastating effect on our children's mental attitudes and behaviors.

The fervor and power of social media and celebrity influence on cultural trends is global. I'm sure you know that the World Health Organization has classified Video Gaming Addiction as a Mental Disorder--eligible in the US for SSI benefits.

Climb Up Gear & Media is now making its newly developed Neuro Gift Set available to parents and concerned adults to provide an antidote to counter the negative effects of the 4 Culprits. There is no other resource available for the At-Home battleground. Parents literally have no effective at-home resource that is also considered cool, hip and happening by the kids themselves (ages 7-18yrs).

I've spoken with many parents and relatives who have gifted the RTEW Neuro Gift Set to the teen or tween son and daughter. The results and effects are amazing!

(1) Respectful, considerate behavior is immediate.

(2) Their Safety Awareness in increased and

(3) Their response to potential danger is improved.

(4) Home Alone, idle times are now spent doing constructive, positive, character building, fun, engaging activities that Teens & Tweens L-O-V-E.

RTEW helps your kid resist and place in proper perspective the negative influences of the 4 Culprits.

Finally, a Gift that empowers your teen or tween to confidently avoid and respond to dangerous encounters and situations. The At-Home activities are fun and engaging and build great character !

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