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"IT" Has Been So Outrageous & Nonstop, That Now, Only The Kids Can Save Us !

I could make this short and sweet but there's just too much to say about IT. So who's IT you wonder? Well, "IT" ain't I.T. What "IT" is, is a foisted, unsubstantiated viewpoint & ideology that has ingrained Bias, Hatred and Self-Aggrandizement into the minds, ways, laws and lifestyles of man and womankind. I'm not going to single out Race in this pronouncement--that's such an unmoving given and would only over-shadow the breadth & magnitude of IT.

So, let's put the spotlight on IT and its outrageous incessant actions that have been perpetuated and perpetrated by adults the whole world over for so very very long that if man and womankind stand a chance at life, liberty and's going to take children-kind to deliver us all.

Here's the million-dollar question with the obvious easy answer: Why does IT, e.g. Racism, Misogyny, Xenophobia, Hatred, et al exist and promulgate year after year, decade after decade, century after century? Because the adults drill it into the kids...daily, weekly, monthly, yearly in every way imaginable. Kids are born with a clean slate, entirely. No prejudices, biases, agendas or preconceptions--nary a one. They're so moldable and programmable and they are where our only hope lies. Who's "our" you dare ponder? The World and all its species--that our! And while we're speaking of "our," we just might be in our "final hour" if we don't make it a priority to support, encourage and prepare kids (to be able to come to our rescue!)

So here's CUPGM's Position: Enrich and Empower Kids. Laughable huh. The way we (adults) treat & mistreat, abuse & misuse kids today and throughout the millennia--what am I talking about? How can it be? Kids are powerless; they can't vote; they're young and naive, They have no money; hold no public/political office. They're defenseless even in the womb and surely throughout the first 18 years of life. Surely we're doomed and history--past and present, shows us the adults are gonna wreck this rock and everything on it in every way imaginable. (But, aha! We move to a new rock; take our act to Outerspace and repeat performance, surely.)

To borrow a line from Whitney & George, I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside...whatever happened to that song? That ideal?

Here's the Climb Up Challenge: Kids are powerless for the most part for the 1st 18 years of their lives but kids also are resilient and resistant. Kids have memories and the beauty is, kids aren't kids for long. Many a child has grown up in horrendous conditions--from birth and overcome extreme odds to become excellent, caring, accomplished adults.

I'm calling on All Kids to Resist, Believe and Remember. Resist the hatred and bias and prejudice spewed by adults. Believe time flies and it won't be long until you're an adult and it's your turn, Remember the hurt and pain of life during your childhood--dare to believe you make the difference...Don't adopt those hurtful, negative, hateful ways that adults interject into your world and life...YOU have to make IT a better place.

Time flies; them first 18 years of life go by in a jiffy. There are so many negative influences and pitfalls all around you...but the future belongs to you--the children. This Earth is your inheritance. Claim it now in your mind and heart. You might not hear it often but it's up to you, the children to Resist, Believe, Remember and make the change...break the cycle of Hatred Of Differentism. Life is a garden and all the different flowers are what make a garden beautiful.

Climb Up is with you; Climb Up is all about helping to prepare you to become the personally enriched heroes and sheroes the world needs...there's not much sand left in "Our" hourglass.


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