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CLIMB UP to Success: Through The Years & Now

CLIMB UP – Children's Lives IMproved Begets Unlimited Potential

Chicago Public Schools Vendor Providing Student Support Services to Elementary & High Schools. Original Portfolio: Class Assignment Coaching, Classroom Behavior Assistance, School Grounds & 2-Block Radius Safety, Student Activities Creation For Behavior & Attendance.

2006 – Elected Local School Council

2006-2007 – Created CLIMB UP Program (Student Support Services)

2007-2008 – CLIMB UP Serves 11 Elementary Schools, and 2 High Schools (Chgo, IL)

2007-2008 – Creation Of Educational Materials

2008 – Awarded CAPS* Honors For Student Support Services (Mayor Daley, CPS CEO Arne Duncan)

2008 – Awarded Grant & Commendation (Gov. Blagojevich, IL)

2009 – Commendation from County Supervisors, Chicago

2009 – US Congress Merit Citation ( Rep. Jackson, IL)

2010 – Climb Up Gear & Media Formed, (Florida)

2010-2014 – Educational Materials & Merchandise Development

2014 – Published Revealing The Excellence Within, 1st Edition

2016 – RTEW, 2nd Edition – Cognitive Neuro Science Infusion, CNS Member

2018 – RTEW 3rd Edition – NeuroCognitive Principles to Hone Executive Functions

2020 – Published RTEW 4th Edition – Neuro Traits

2021 – CUP4ED National Campaign, Adoption of Progressive Matriculation, Student Stimulus Plan, Virtual Mentorship Program

2022 – Published RTEW 5th Edition At-Home 2-Week Neuro Boost

2023 - 2nd Qtr, Interactive Subscription-based Website Launch

* - Community And Policing Strategies, Chicago Police Dept.

CUPGM has been the visionary and thought leader in espousing forward-thinking approaches to educating children and supporting parents in their efforts to do so. Through the years, the trends & challenges and responses required have demanded a sophisticated approach that supports traditional behavioral modification tactics. Our Neuro-Cognitive Infused At-home Educational Materials, Concepts and Programs are designed and proven to be what's needed to help Education, Children, Parents & Communities succeed in this perilous 21st Century landscape.


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