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Our At-Home Materials are what parents with children ages 7-18 want and need--but haven't been able to find. For The Parent Who: (1) Knows their child can do better in school although their grades don't reflect it; (2) Want more respect and cooperation from their child or teen at home; (3) Has a "Latch Key" situation where there child spends hours at home alone until they get home; (4) Has a child on an IEP and/or dealing with Executive Function issues; (5) Wants their child to develop more awareness for safety and potentially dangerous situations; (6) Wishes their child didn't follow the crowd and be so easily misled by "friends" who keep getting them into trouble, and (7) Wants their child to gain the mental advantage in assessing and performing/competing in sports or academics, et al this innovative and unparalleled resource will do wonders for your child or teen!

The good news is that this fun, funny, interactive Neuro Cognitive 4-Booklet Activities Set can be completed in just 8-12 days! After completion, their child is rewarded with an impressive Certificate of Completion Diploma...nice! Oh, BTW, there's a 5th Booklet for the has all the answers and discussion points of the material.

How Is All This Accomplished In Such A Short Amount Of Time? We're using the 12 Cornerstone Neuro Character Traits, infused with Cognitive Neuro Science Principles to develop a sharper, more aware, high functioning, astute kid!

What's The Unique Approach? We target The 4 Culprits that have your child behaving and underperforming and exhibiting undesired (but correctable) behavior. Violent Video Games, Social Media & Internet Content, Movies & TV Characters, and Outrageous Song Lyrics--these 4 Culprits are the blame! The very things that interact with youth and children and society--daily, have become the biggest obstacles that prevent parents from having the loving, guiding, role-model effect and influence that they should have on their child(ren). There's literally nothing a parent can do to stop the purveyors of these 4 Culprits--too much money and profit are being made. But, what we can do is make a smarter, astute kid. Hence, Our timely and desperately needed Product Resource Tool.

Counting Up To 8-12 Days, What will Parents Witness & Their Child Or Teen Demonstrate? Impressive, Amazing, Transformation to say it in 3 words. Respectful Behavior will improve, Performance in Academics and Extracurricular Activities will improve, Trend Following and Negative Influences by Friends and Social Media will come to a halt, Thoughtful Considerate choices and Decision-Making will greatly improve and a positive, fun, happy attitude and demeanor will come shining through like the dawning of a new day!

School's coming to an end for the Summer and this is the perfect time for this gift. It's a 2-week At-Home Summer Camp for your child to get the Neuro Boost. THERE ARE Internet Activities, TV & Movie Characters behavior examination and comparisons, Real to life examples of the things they experience daily, Music Lyrics Analysis and Examples, Elder respect and appreciation...then we get nosey and informative. They tell us what they or their friends experience in real life situations (good for parents to know). But above all, they're gonna get smarter and wiser and more determined to perform and do their best in everything--from academics and athletics to house chores. There's even benefit for Cognitive Capacity Improvement--Executive Functions 3, 4, and 5 especially...and a whole lot more. Any kid, Any Neighborhood, Any Socio-Economic Situation. The Climb Up Gear & Media (CUPGM) Revealing The Excellence Within (RTEW) Personal Enrichment Exercises And Activities (PEA) Gift Set will give your child or teen the mental advantage!

ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF HOME! What a fun memorable 8-12 days!


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