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What Does CLIMB UP, Uhh...Ruhh?

Go ahead and ask. You know you want to know. So This is how the story goes.

NOW, CLIMB UP is: Children's Lives IMproved, Begets Unlimited Potential

When we started back in 2006 we were primarily an In-School, At-School Program offering Student Support Services to Elementary & High Schools. In The Beginning, CLIMB UP was: CLassroom IMproved Behavior Unleashes Progressive Potential.

We've been the foremost thought leader in pioneering our Cognitive NeuroScientific Approach to Improving & Enriching the lives of Children and Teens Everywhere. Our At-Home Materials are designed to be appealing, fun and highly effective in building Astuteness and Character to Enrich the lives of children aged 4-18 years old.

Presently, we're in the epic battle for the lives and futures of children everywhere. Our Personal Enrichment Activities "Course" is designed to address the most insidious, harmful and damaging forces that confront children today--The 4 Culprits:

1) Violent Video Games,

2) Vulgar & Outrageous Music Lyrics & Videos,

3) Shocking Adulterated TV Programs & Movies and

4) Predatory & Lewd Social Media & Internet Sites

The 4 Culprits bear a major share of the Blame for the troubling behavior, attitudes and outlook of children and teens.

The 4 Culprits have access and influence over our children in ways that parents have had little to no recourse to counter their actions & effects.

To a big degree, It Is Not The Parents' Fault that their child(ren) behaves the way they do--it isn't even the child's fault!

We Can reclaim & rescue our kids from the evil clutches of the 4 Culprits.

We Must undue and prevent any further damage by these 4 heartless forces.

What makes this war so hard to win is the fact that the 4 Culprits are our friends too. Their good, can and does outweigh the bad but these guys are roving unchecked and just like an unpruned and untilled garden...the weeds and bugs and vermin have taken over.

Our Personal Enrichment Activities Booklet Set is what every child 4-18 years old needs to have to develop and improve their 12 Cornerstone Neuro Character Traits, develop Astuteness and strengthen Executive Functions.


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