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Yes, you're reading it right and it's exactly what you think I'm saying! Here's my case--with a twist:

#1) The word "school" is toxic to many kids and adults today. "School" conjures negative thoughts and associations to many.

#2) Schools, sadly, have become the places/stage where much too much gun violence & bullying and unruly behavior has occurred.

#3) Historically, words (their meanings and present connotation) have been retired. Similarly, new words get added to present-day vernacular annually. Remember when "to get hooked up" meant someone did you a personal favor? Forshizzle.

#4) It's way overdue for something new. Students have been going to school for Centuries...Millenia. Many a student has lamented the hard work and struggle that School presents to them. Many students (at certain ages of maturity) just can't grasp why school is so necessary anyway. (Leave tuition out of this.)

#5) Educating our youth as well as adults is critical and non-negotiable! America's economic might fuels our quality of life and global standing--none of which would be possible without a highly educated citizenry. America's future truly depends on Us leading in the Industries & Jobs Growth Sectors in this 21st Century. (By The Way, we're frightfully lagging behind ALL of the top Industrialized Nations globally.)

#6) We've got to re-energize kids & adults about education's value and critical necessity for National Sustenance as well as their personal gain--QOL, Providing for their families, now & in the future.

7-?) Energize = Excitement = Increased Effort = Better Performance = Happier Life = Bountiful Opportunities.

So here's the Twisted Solution to the aforementioned points that support my position that School is stifling and thwarting and impeding Our ability to motivate The Great American Educational Resurgence Of 2022.

Retire The Word "School" & Replace It With "Career Training" (Facility, Institute, Center, Pod, Station, etc)

Once we quickly pubic relations eulogize the word school, we get to Re-Present Education in the critical, Fun & Relevant ways needed to start Our Climb Up up UP from the academic gorge our Educational System finds itself in for all kinds of bonified, understandable reasons. (Oh, we could easily list at least 50 more.)

Think of the mental relief and connection our kids & youth will receive once they now know that it's not school, it's Career Training. At the youngest ages, they're now getting to work on their futures. Think of how we'd now get to associate the dire importance of Reading & Writing & Arithmetic & Spelling & Handwriting & Phonics & Communication to the Career they're Training For 1st & 3rd & 6th & 9th & 11th Grades!

Think of the new Education Model where Business & Corporate & Professional Alliances interact with youngsters in newer creative, personally beneficial ways. For kids, these Career Training Pods (CTPs) would be the cool, gotta be there wanna be there, places to be!

We here at CUPGM had this vision way back in the day about 15 years ago and our forward-thinking NeuroCognitive Infused Materials, Programs & Merchandise are 4th Generation and amazingly apropos for this new evolution in/for education. We believe students need a new deal. We espouse our Progressive Matriculation Overlay Plan for the new Career Training Pods. (Read about it under the School Tab or contact us directly.)

So in closing, queue up the bugler, she'll be playing Taps during the retirement of the word School And All of the negative associations and connotations that sully its name, reputation & existence. Out with the old, in with the new. "School" had a great run and produced memorable, remarkable times! Much respect and dap to the word School. Now, let's get America's Education System rejuvenated and back up on its toes...producing, delivering.

Career Training (Facilities, Institutes, Centers, Pods, Stations, etc) coupled with a stimulating, imaginative Student Stimulus Plan is just the Overlay needed to help Us and Education Climb Up!


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