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The FAQs About RTEW

What Is RTEW?

Revealing The Excellence Within (RTEW) is an At-Home Parent/Child Support Resource Tool. RTEW provides Life Skills Training Activities for kids 4-18 years old in workbook format. The purpose and theme of the material are to use the 12 Cornerstone Character Traits to help your child become more aware and make better decisions in real-life situations. Additionally, RTEW infuses Cognitive Neuro Science Principles to strengthen the effects and desired outcomes of this dynamic resource.

How Does It (RTEW) Work? What's My Role?

Simply put, RTEW is a 4 Step mental exercise, fun activities “guide” for your child. You give them 1 booklet at a time and they will be compelled and thrilled to do the “exercises.” We recommend at least two (2) days per booklet to complete. What will they be doing? Listening to the music/songs they love; Watching the TV shows and Movies they like; Playing the Video Games they already do; Keeping up with the Celebrities & Social Media influencers & Interacting with the people they encounter in their lives, and Learn How To Use The Internet to visit far-away places and discover miraculous things. They'll also be giving their opinions & experiences on things that happen in their lives-real time. (parents, be prepared to find out some things that might surprise you...please keep cool) 1 by 1 they'll complete the 4 RTEW Booklets (from 8-24 days). They actually write on the pages in the booklets.

The Parent Role for the younger age children who can't quite read & comprehend the exercises Please Read & Discuss & Engage with your child (lovingly, happily) in completing the 4-step modules. The material is written and presented in a way that the youngest child will achieve their maturity level effectiveness!

The Parent Role for kids who can read and comprehend is to silently observe. Be prepared to answer questions and interact (surely participate in the Mind Full Musical Messages activity). All answers and discussion points are in the Parent Answer Guide--of course, parents have all the answers!

Why Do I Need RTEW?

Because you need peace of mind and less worry and want your child to live & learn life's lessons and ways, safely! Also, you want your child to be the best person possible and accomplish their goals. RTEW will help them sharpen the 12 Cornerstone Character Traits to not only be safer and wiser but to also be an all-around cool, character-rich, confident kid--outwitting & outsmarting the bullies, haters & predators.

What Can I Expect When I Give RTEW To My Kid?

Immediate & Sustained Improvement. Behavior will improve. Grades Will Improve. Responsibility will improve. Consideration Will Improve. Ability to recognize negative influences, actions and outcomes—will improve. Analyzing actions and thoughts before they “make that wrong move” will improve. Family communication & relationships will improve. Stories have been reported that pets' behavior improves and they get "perky" listening to the music in the modules!


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