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We Need To Climb Up To Lift America Back Up

2024 it is--February to be exact; there's no denying or escaping the renewed resolution...what improvements do we aspire to achieve this year? That could be a long list individually, so, lets take the national macro view.

America 2024 isn't America 1964. Too many City Streets across the Country are more like Nightmare on Elm Street than Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show. We seem to have lost our groove for Brotherly and Sisterly Love and now, too often, it's Karen and the Mass Shooter that ruins many a day. Times are tough for many I will admit--and sympathize. Everybody has a boiling breaking point; people snap and rage typified by random violence tamped down by prescription medications, erupts. But, I'm being too eloquent--let me give it to you straight--no chase. America is too violent and easily prompted to death and cancellation than civil, sane, reasonable, compromise. We don't see eye to eye...I go Achmed The Dead Terrorist...I kill or cancel you!

Enough...too much Already! Climb Up GM is offering the Olive Branch. One by one we can turn these trends around--and back to a kinder gentler time. Trait by trait we need to revisit and re-prioritize the 12 Cornerstone Neuro Character Traits. We believe this is a job where the kids shine! No stepping on toes or pointing fingers, but through the Personal Enrichment Activity Modules, we'll all be inspired and reminded that we can turn things around, we can climb back up. America is at a low when it comes to dealing with changing social times. We've been here overcome this many times is our past. e.g. The Depression, Civil Rights, Covid Pandemic.

CUPGM believes we can & will stop the madness. Prices are too high, shootings & killings are too high, meanness & disregard are too high. Everything's so over blown that nobody can take any more.

By climbing up we bring back (21st Century Style) a more civil, caring, hopeful state of mind and being free of violence and shenanigans. The (RTEW) Revealing The Excellence Within (PEA) Personal Enrichment Activities Materials is what we need--perfectly designed and crafted...bringing the good happy feelings supported by enrichment of character and neurocognitive benefits for adults and children!

CUPGM will dig down even deeper and take a more visible role to motivate and activate America--all of us, to get to pumping it and bumping it for the return to America the beautiful, for spacious skies from sea to shining sea.


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