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Now We Gotta Start All Over Again #&^$*x !

It was a whirlwind of chaos and revelation For 4 years. It was nonstop and overwhelming; it wore us down and out. Think of it like this; you allow yourself to give in to the temptation of sweets--every week...all the time, for 4 years. A lot of things would be going bad with you in a lot of ways. Health, diet, weight, skin, hair, etc.

You'd have to admit though, (and I'd give it to you) mmmm mmmmm that was good. Yep, totally gave in to the temptation that feeds the soul's carnal desire. Guilty Pleasure. We hate it when that side of us rears its ugly head. Kinda embarrassed and very aware that we did this. "All on me" right? Yeppers.

Alright, time to shake it off and get back in the saddle and get back to work. We dug this whole so now we got to fill it back up.

Same thing now though, in this latest carnal indulgence us humans do and have always done. It's done slipped out--again--that we have a deep craving for domination and mean-spiritedness. Throughout the eons of history, there's "all ways" been wars and oppressions and slavery and kingdoms and fiefdoms and pillaging and every other despicable lowdown brazen salacious act and depravity we could indulge in. For the last 4 years we've been mean-spirited, hateful, predatory & despicable. Liars, brazen and outrageously devoid of shame...And we've loved every disgusting bit of it! We got to Say It Loud, We're Hateful, Despicable And Outrageous And Proud! But look at the cost, look what we've done; look at the mess we've made.

But I'm holding it up for Shame! Just like indulging in the over-eating thing, okay, we've been exposed for our love of brazen, salacious, despicable people and actions...we've over-indulged and now it's time to make things right. We've lost enough, hurt enough, killed enough, hated enough and we've had enough. It's waaay past time we straighten things up and climb up from this new low point. So let's do it like we need to/can do, America. We've always tackled challenges that humans create for themselves. Think about it...We wage the wars and mistreat the children and the poor, We're the ones who decided skin color is an issue, sexual orientation is an issue. It's Us humans that don't care about the planet or the fish in the seas...yada yada yada.

Job #1 I think is developing the right mindset. We gotta chill on the mean-spirited, treat each other badly thing. We need to demand our tax dollars be allocated to the programs and services we need as The People. This notion that we can't fund and/or stimulate Education and Senior Programs and Mental health Initiatives and Homeless Shelters is preposterous. Back to work folks. We've shamelessly over indulged. We've let too much slip though, for real. Job Growth, Jobs Support, Small Business Support, Service Jobs of every the federal deficit is through the roof. Focus folks and for sure let's make sure the elected folks do what we need them to do for US and not just the machinery. It's the People's turn, we can certainly do both at once.


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