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So You Say You're Mad & Want To Fight, Huh? Well, I Dare You To Step Across THIS Line!

Today it seems like everybody's mad about something and ready to fight. There's an adage that says, anything worth having is worth fighting for. But then Kenny Rogers' Gambler Song advised, you have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Rational thinking also demands you assess what you're fighting mad about and determine if it's really worth fighting for. Oftentimes, we get riled up and emotional about things only to find out we were just flat out wrong. What we thought or were led to believe was a fighting issue wasn't that big a deal at all. Nothing makes you madder than to find out you were "played" for a sucker by someone who's intent in stoking your fervent passion was all about deception for special interest or personal gain. Then to the real point of the matter, you have to know how to fight and take the right approach so that the "win" doesn't do more damage or cause so much "loss" that the win just wasn't worth it. As many a divorced couple often finds out, you can lose by winning. Think about how the kids lose big time during an ugly, vicious, spare-no-punches divorce. You might have won, but what did it cost?

So here we are in these United States embroiled in the clutches of disunity. The events, social and political actions over the past 4 years have touched and deeply effected us all in such ideological and personal ways, so much so, that 150 million voters cast ballots in The Presidential Election as if our lives depended on it. Over these past 4 years a wedge was deeply driven into the hearts and principles of Americans that it was an election worth fighting for. Over the course of the Campaigning period, passions and disgust were inflamed and misinformation spewed--all in the name of power and control. Suddenly, a Government that was designed to be by the people and for the people, seemed to be against the people, and fomenting hate and distrust among the people. Because Government effects our personal lives & national identity in every way, surely the outcome of The Election was going to pit euphoria against catastrophe. At the highest level of Government and on the World's grandest stage, the intoxicating lust for Power shamelessly showcases mankind's disregard for honor and principle--again. Baseless cries of skulduggery and unfairness have ignited the powder keg ideologues left and right. So now the lines have been crossed and if there ever was a time to put your dukes up this is it...gotta be...but How? For Who? For What?

Back to that Rationale thing again we must go. The number one principle & point of our democratic republic in the USA is we subscribe to our collective agreement to continue to perfect the union that seeks to construct a government that is by the people, of the people and for the people--all of the people, all of US. This very tenet requires respect & acceptance of all the flowers in the garden. Every relationship and common-good situation also demands give and take. Everything about the global society of life on this 3rd rock from the sun requires we share and share alike. We've come too far to throw it all away and turn our backs on a union that so many have fought for and so many fight to keep going, growing and progressing. The Government is gonna be alright as long as the people, who comprise the government and are the government, continue to care about each other's well-being. There's not a garden anywhere on the globe that doesn't have weeds and needs to be pruned from time to time. Speaking of gardens, how beautiful would it be with only 1 kind of flower?

Who doesn't know that life is full of hurts and ups & downs. You don't always get what you want or deserve or even feel you've earned. Not just in sports, but it's not always about winning and losing; it only matters how you play the game. But, you say, I was robbed! The ref blew the call! I feel cheated, done wrong. Something out of my control happened and that kept me from winning. Sometimes calls go your way, sometimes they don't. The fish jumped off the hook I tell you. It was a whopper, my trophy catch.

(I feel a George Carlin moment coming on, may this comedic genius R.I.P. but he would have a field day today. He'd be must-see TV big time!) Lest I digress, let's get back to mad America. You gotta admit, many people like being mad, are always mad and have gone mad. Even me, personally, I like March Madness. And you know we like to fight. We love using the word fight, too. We fight for our health, fight for justice, fight for a cause, fight for a raise, fight for our rights, we even try to fight City Hall. Surely, we're in the fight for our lives against Covid.

With all this fighting we doing and been doing for centuries plus all the money we spend on militaries and weapons of war; so much, that we don't have enough money to look after ourselves. Where's the fight for Humanity and Unity?

So since we mad these days and wanna fight; got all this pent up energy and passion--let's not let that go to waste. There's billions of us on earth; trillions of dollars spent & wasted on frivolity. There are more important, critical things we should be fighting for and that we should be fighting mad about--things we can collectively & individually defeat. I got a fight I'm proposing right here and now. A fight long overdue and that we've put off for too long: Let's pick a fight with Racism and Sexism and Meanness and Abuse & Pedophilia and before we run out of gas, please, let's Fight For The Kids. What About earth and its animals and fish in the seas? Yeah, yeah we sing the song and say the words-Children Are Our Future, but ain't we dogging them out today, in the present? Treating them baaaad. Whatever happened to setting a fine, wholesome example for the kids; caring for them, protecting them, providing for them--where'd that go?



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